Recently, many replacement window companies have been falsely promoting drastic energy savings, simply as a result of purchasing and installing their windows. How many times have you seen a company advertise something along the lines of “40% energy savings” with window replacement?

Understandably, most consumers interpret this to mean that by purchasing replacement windows from that particular company, they WILL save 40% on their actual utility bills. This could not be further from the truth.

The main problem with these claims is that there is no factual data to support these numbers. In fact, it would be unrealistic to assume that EACH homeowner who replaces their windows through a particular company is going to experience a similar percentage of energy savings as a result. There are a number of other factors that determine how much energy can be saved by installing a certain line of replacement windows.

It’s important to take these other factors into consideration, because they could have a significant impact on the performance of your new windows. The location of the home, style of construction, quality of the current heating and cooling system, and the existence or lack of wall insulation can ALL have an effect on the amount of energy a homeowner will ultimately save with replacement windows.

These claims, at the very least, are misleading and confusing. At the worst, many of them are blatant lies, intended to deceive prospective customers.

Fortunately, the US Department of Energy supports a computer simulation program called RESFEN, which provides the most accurate estimates currently available in regards to energy savings.